Hummus! The Characters

Three Paths to the Perfect Hummus

Suheila Al Hindi


Suheila owns and runs a successful Hummus restaurant in Acre. She is the only Muslim woman to own her own business in the heart of the Arab market. Suheila has devoted her life to saving her family’s business and through her dedication to excellence and perseverance became the proud winner of the Golden Pita Award for the Best Hummus… beating 10 men in the process!

Jalil Dabit


Young Jalil Dabit is a Christian Arab from Ramle. The heir to a family Hummus restaurant founded in 1948, Jalil is trying to establish his own identity. As we meet him, he is managing the restaurant but also innovating and searching for new ways to grow and find his own path.

Eliyahu Shmueli


After an eclectic early life as a tattoo-covered wanderer, Eliyahu Shmueli rediscovered his Jewish roots and is now a member of the Breslov Hasidic community and the successful owner of a chain of Hummus restaurants. Hummus is his passion and a fun way to achieve his real dream – a farm for his family in the Galilee mountains.

Other Characters

Olivier the Monk

Olivier, a French Benedictine monk, lives in a beautiful ancient monastery in the heart of the Arab village of Abu Gosh. He is on a mission to discover the perfect Hummus and spends his time promoting co-existence between Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Aluf Abir

Musician and 6th Dan black belt in several martial arts, Aluf Abir was born in Jamaica and raised in LA. As well as being the first musician to introduce Raggamuffin and Hip Hop to the Middle East, he has a quite an original take on Hummus!